Open Source Business Class Software Solutions.

Shelcomm is a carrier and business solutions provider. We offer our clients the software knowledge of some of the most asked for solutions including Virtual Software Hosting, Email, DNS, Web Site, VoIP Subscriber Telephone Systems, Live Audio & Video Streaming, Video on Demand, Storage, Remote Backup, Calling Cards, Pin-Less Prepaid, Secure Windows File Sharing, Predictive Dialers, Fax to Email, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise resource planning (ERP), and PBX to name a few. If your company needs a solution we can help. Our Open Source model means there is never a charge for the software we install. Also being an ISP, we have a secure Co-Location facility to put your servers in to with all the internet connectivity you'll need to feed those hungry internet applications.

Virtual Hosting Solutions

Go Green - Saves you Money on Hardware and CoLo Rent!

Have Multiple Isolated Windows and Linux Instances on One Server

Each Instance with Different Mac and IP address's

Linux Host Imposes Little or no Overhead

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VoIP software solutions

Small and Large Office PBX Phone Systems

Carrier Voice Mail System including Multiple Box's

Carrier Telephone Subscriber Registrar System

Calling Cards

Pin-Less Prepaid

Predictive Dialers

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Email software solutions


Fax to Email

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Web Based software solutions

Web Site Hosting

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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Audio & Video of software solutions.

Live Audio & Video Streaming

Video on Demand Playback

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Msic Software Solutions

Windows File Sharing

DNS Name Servers

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